June 2015

New Estate Administration Act for Alberta   Jun 4

February 2015

Ontario decision sets aside a will for having racist intent   Feb 3

October 2014

Lubberts Estate (Re) 2014 Alberta Court of Appeal decision   Oct 31

January 2014

House held in joint tenancy with deceased bankrupt spouse does not vest in the Trustee in Bankruptcy   Jan 24

December 2013

Launching of our new website   Dec 23
Allowing Extrinsic Evidence in Interpreting a Will   Dec 23

February 2012

The Wills and Succession Act has been proclaimed in Alberta on February 1, 2012   Feb 29

October 2011

Adult child, 51, successfully sues estate of deceased mother in Dependants Relief Act claim in Alberta   Oct 11

June 2011

Sweeping Changes Coming to Alberta Wills and Succession Law   Jun 3

March 2010

Ontario Court criticizes siblings over neglect of elderly parent during protracted litigation   Mar 4

February 2010

Attorney's Duties and Obligations under an Enduring Power of Attorney   Feb 26

December 2009

Toronto woman awarded $110,000 per month in spousal support   Dec 3
Wallace damages still apply in wrongful dismissal cases   Dec 1

October 2009

Son of New York Matriarch Convicted of Defrauding His Elderly Mother   Oct 9
Ontario judges have new protocol to promote civility in the courtroom   Oct 6
US Bankruptcy Court rejects Balsillie bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes   Oct 1

September 2009

Polygamy Case Quashed by BC Supreme Court   Sep 25
Sexual Abuse of Elders   Sep 22

August 2009

British Columbia to ban cell phone use by drivers   Aug 25
Young men should have a will too   Aug 25
Recent Alberta decision re: competing applicants as administrator of an intestate estate   Aug 13
New Website Launch   Aug 13